Thursday, 15 April 2010

First thoughts on the "Great Debate" ITV lost!

First thoughts on the "great debate". Cameron had high expectations but he said absolutely nothing about what he would cut or what he would do if the Tories won the election. Everyone wants school discipline and law and order, but how is this going to be achieved. Waste was a Thatcherite ideal that yielded limited expenditure.He talked of Daily Mail and Sun stories about waste which are not verified, such as billion pounds on civil servant food. The only policy Cameron is clear on is that he would reverse National Insurance increases but he has not ruled out VAT and public sector cuts.

Brown wasn't as stylish as Clegg but the substance was there, policies for the future and achievements of the past. Brown was the only leader to outline expenditure for the next government.Brown had the most to lose as the incumbent but he was clear on what is needed to rebuild Britain.

No doubt Clegg did well. He attacked Cameron's policies well, particularly on mythical waste. However, he had nothing to lose, was short on substance, made up figures, plucked out of thin air and the Lib Dems will still not be seen as a party for the next Government.

What was clear is that ITV and Alastair Stewart in particular were the losers. Stewart was "shouty" too much and tried to stimulate debate. Not a patch on Dimbleby!

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